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Edited by Dirk Donath

"Digital Tectonic Design" by Philip Beesley and Thomas Seebohm

"Digital tectonic design is a fresh approach to architectural design methodology. Tectonics means a focus on assemblies of construction elements. Digital tectonics is an evolving methodology that integrates use of design software with traditional construction methods. We see digital tectonic design as a systematic use of geometric and spatial ordinances, used in combination with details and components directly related to contemporary construction. The current approach will, we hope, lead to an architectural curriculum based on generative form making where the computer can be used to produced systems of forms algorithmically."

Digital Tectonic Design
Philip Beesley and Thomas Seebohm
Promise and Reality
edited by Dirk Donath
eCAADe (Education in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe)
and Bauhaus Universitat Weimar
ISBN: 0-9523687-6-5