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Edited by Neil Leach and Xu Weigo

"Hylozoic Soil" by Philip Beesley

"Hylozoic Soil is a lightweight kinetic mesh that responds to human occupants with rolling swells of movement. Chorusing actuation of colonies of breathing pores and whiskers create local concentrations of rippling breathing motions akin to a giant lung, and widespread bladder fields charged with salts accumulate fluids from occupant-generated humidity. Micro-processor-controlled sensors embedded within the environment signal the presence of occupants, and motion ripples through the system in response, pulling trickles of air through the mesh and drawing stray organic matter through arrays of filters. Fitted into this flexible structure are hundreds of small mechanisms that function in ways akin to pores and hair folicles within the skin of an organism."

(Im)material Processes: New Digital Techniques for Architecture
Edited by Neil Leach, Xu Weigo
China Architecture & Building Press, 2008
Beijing, China
ISBN 978-7-112-10395-9