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Edited By Ruairi Glynn and Bob Sheil

Michael Stacey Interview with Philip Beesley

"Certain languages in parametric design appear generic: Platonic waves that ripple out, organized in gradients, perhaps salted with certain variants that appear like viruses to interrupt the field. Random functions create difference wilfully, seeming to correspond to the tutorials that are embedded in next-generation software. A kind voice might say this reflects extraordinary progress made in skilling up a generation of designers. Yet, along with emergence of these skills, there also comes a kind of exhaustion: languages sometimes reveal themselves to be static, disappointing, when the concrete examples replace the visionary impressions that preceded them."

Fabricate: Making Digital Architecture
Edited By: Ruairi Glynn and Bob Sheil
Riverside Architectural Press, 2013, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 978-1-926724-09-6
Also available in Chinese.