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"Skin Deep: Liminal States" by Philip Beesley

"Skin Deep is a gathering of recent sculpture by Lyn Carter and Carl Tacon.

A veil, trembling, draped over a mass that is almost unthinkably heavy: a mammoth limestone black. The veil, pulled toward the monumental block of stone, flowing and coalescing against it like a shore lining new land. Some of the forces unleashed in this gathering might have been a Canadian epic. The forces are huge. In an earlier time, we might have spoken of this with confidence, describing the primal limestone mass and a culture's heroic mastery of the land."

Skin Deep: Liminal States
Philip Beesley
Skin Deep
The Thames Art Gallery, Chatham Cultural Centre
C.J. Craphics Inc., Chatham 2002
ISBN 1-894651-12-X