Hylozoic Matter

Materfad's FADFest, Barcelona Design Week Barcelona, Spain - 2014

Design for Impact Festival, RMIT University Melbourne, Australia - 2015

Hylozoic Matter examines materials from the Hylozoic Series, presented at Materfad's FADFest as a part of Barcelona's Design Week in 2014. The work was also presented at RMIT University in Melbourne for the Design for Impact Festival in 2015. Hylozoic Matter exlores the evolution of previous and current responsive materials, documenting iterative models of tentacles and spores designed for interaction with their surrounding environment. The work explores the combination of sculpture, structure, architecture and engineering in order to nurture new connections between space and occupant.

FADFest is a festival of industrial design, graphic design and visual communication, architecture and interior design, fashion, art and crafts. The exhibition entitled "Smart Flexibility: Advanced Materials and Technologies" is an exploration of the line between matter and structure, investigating the flexibility and intrinsic reactivity of specific materials and advanced technologies. PBAI's work was exhibited alongside projects developed by universities and firms from 9 different countries at Disseny Hub Barcelona from June 25 to November 16, 2014.