Wilderness Embodied Haute Couture

Iris Van Herpen collaboration

Paris, France - 2013

Beesley's material collaboration with radical haute-couture fashion designer Iris van Herpen has continued throughout the Spring and Summer of 2013. New work was presented as part of Van Herpen's Fall-Winter 2013-14 collection Wilderness Embodied on July 1st as part of Paris Fashion week. Within Van Herpen's Wilderness Embodied series, fabrics of soft layers of feather-like silicone spines bristle in dense pile surfaces. Flexible shells of tinted silicone to transparent human skin are embedded with interlinking bone-like 3d-printed transparent forms.

Influenced by these new explorations with Van Herpen, Beesley's sculptural environments are offering dense reticulated grottos made from tens of thousand of massed laser-cut transparent leaf filters, brought into motion by networks of shape-memory alloy and brought close to life by chemical reactions housed within the glass flasks. 3D polymer and silicone printers are integrating protocells into densely reticulated surfaces that will be used to clothe environments presented in the coming season.

Iris van Herpen Studio

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